Testing Equipment

RYD owns six different performance-testing laboratories, including mechanical performance testing lab, electrical performance testing lab, chemical analysis lab, spectroscopy analysis lab, combustion performance testing lab, and material aging assessment lab, which all have installed a series of advanced and complete equipment. Combined with all six laboratories, RYD is able to produce the best quality of products for our clients. These analysis and testing methods are the foundation of the company's technology development and quality control.

Quality system   

In the 15 years of RYD’s lifetime, a scientific management system has been implemented and sustained. This system has passed the ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification. Our products have passed the testing certification of UL, TUV of Germany, ROHS and Reach of the EU, FDA (United States), SGS and other testing certifications, symbolizing the fact that RYD’s product quality has fully adopted the global market and earned a remarkable reputation global wise.

Manufacturing capacity 

RYD has more than ten highly automated production lines, which all have applied advanced technology in the industry, with a production capacity of over 10,000 tons per year. In the hands of our professionals, the production lines are able to efficiently produce products that can satisfy our clients’ needs.


Finding and hiring the right people is a crucial element to a firm, RYD attaches great importance to talent acquisition and training. After years and years, RYD has established a professional team made up of PhDs and masters. These highly professional talents are able to conduct scientific research and design trustworthy products. Not only to the senior employees, RYD also dedicates a significant amount of effort to train and improve its junior employees, making the junior level team a skilled, experienced and responsible team as well.

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